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Next Gen Dental Lab

We use state of the art equipment to ensure the product quality. Doctor’s and the patients needs will be considered while the product is being made.

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Next Gen Dental Lab

We are a state of the art Dental lab using digital designs to ensure our products have good quality. We have experienced lab technicians that will handle each case, and we use state of the art equipment to ensure product quality. We will try and make it so that the Doctor’s and the patients needs will be considered while the product is being made.

Keep your smile bright!

Why Next gen

Individualized Dental Care

We work as a team, dedicated to improving and maintaining the quality of our products.

Experienced Dental Technicians

Our team has the professional experience to realize that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.

The Latest Technology

By using the cutting-edge tools, we make sure our product is as comfortable for the patient as possible.

Keep your smile bright!

Our Services

Crown and Bridge per unit(Digital)

HT Zirconia(EMAX Alternative)      $85

Solid Zirconia                                   $75

Traditional Impressions                   $10


Stock Abutment & HT Zirconia    $309

Custom Abutment & HT Zirconia $355


$350 each arch(each minor modification in the future is $75)

$500 for both arches

Printing Temporaries: $100/per arch each time including gingival staining

Lab Tech Office Visit:

$250/per visit

$350/ per visit over 30 miles

$50/per hour

Rosen Screws                $15/per screw

Copy Milling Final Prosthesis:

$1500 per arch

Final Prosthesis            $2200 per arch

Digital Dentures

Coming soon

Traditional Dentures

     Full Denture  $425 Full Process                         2 weeks after try in         $40 second teeth in wax try in

Denture repair                               $175    3 working days

Denture reline                                $175 3 working days

Cast frame(partial only)              $215 3 weeks 

Cast frame w/teeth in wax/process $215; 3 weeks

Acrylic flipper no clasp 1-3 teeth    $150($20 per clasp) any additional tooth is $10 each

Acrylic partial w/clasp                $375 2 weeks after try in

Flexiable partial                            $325 3 weeks after try in

Custom tray                                    $25 1 week

Nightguards thermal                     $130 1 week

Add Gold tooth                            $210+

Re-mount to new bite                      $15

Custom shade in lab                       $50

Rush case $50 per day/3 day rush limit

All Appliances have one year warranty

Working Days

Crown and Bridge: 10 Days

Implants: 4 Weeks

PMMA Temporary: 5 Days


What Our Clients Say

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